Grant writing requires specialized research and writing skills. Any written communication is a direct reflection of your organization. Proposals that are clear, concise and credible ensure funders that you are a trustworthy organization.

We can help you formulate a grant-seeking plan that includes the following components:

  • Purpose of campaign – general operating support, building renovation, matching support, etc.
  • Type of funders to solicit – regional or national foundations, state or federal government agencies and/or corporations
  • Goals & timeline

Our professional grant writers will take the time to learn about your organization and work with you to choose funders whose priorities match your organization’s mission and activities. We will provide any or all of the following services:

  • In-depth research of targeted funders
  • Program & project development
  • Proposal writing
  • Concept papers
  • Letters of inquiry
  • Editing & proofreading

Since writing grants is a collaborative effort, we will work with you throughout the entire process. Our grant writing services include consultation, research, writing proposals, revisions and submission. We can also assist with thank you letters, interim and final reports. In short, we will guide you through the grant writing process from start to finish. If the grant is awarded, your agency will be responsible for fulfilling the agreement within the grant award time period. Our fee will never exceed the maximum amount of time agreed upon so you may budget appropriately.

We estimate the following amount of time for grant writing:

Federal grant (1 dept.) – 40-60 hours:
Federal grant (1+ depts.) – 90-120 hours
Large foundation grants – 20-30 hours
Small foundation grants – 15-20 hours
Corporate giving grants – 15-20 hours
State/local grants – 15-20 hours
Interim reports – 5-7 hours

Since we will be working with you, your organization will need to budget time for each grant project. We estimate your time for meetings, revisions, etc. as the following:

Federal grant (1 dept.) – 15 hours
Federal grant (1+ depts.) – 20 hours
Large foundation grants – 8 hours
Small foundation grants – 5 hours
Corporate giving grants – 5 hours
State/local grants – 5 hours
Interim reports – 1 hour

As with any new partnership, the first grant process will take longer as we work with your organization to tell your story to likeminded funders. As we continue to work together, we will have more background information and the process will take less time.