Agency with Choice is a home care service model created by the Office of Developmental Programs, to provide choice and control in consumer-directed care to individuals with developmental disabilities. The goal of this support is to enable families to remain together in their own homes. That means you are responsible for managing the staff in your home. Alliance for Nonprofit Resources (ANR) as your Agency with Choice provider is the employer of record. As such, we are responsible for handling the employment-related finances and paperwork.

The Agency with Choice service model empowers you or your surrogate to exercise employer authority and budget authority over the services you receive. Through this service model, you or your advocates can be involved in the planning, hiring, scheduling and management of your home support workers. You decide whom to hire, their duties, schedule, and their pay.

Services Available

A Supports Coordinator will work with consumers to develop an Individual Support Plan (ISP) and discuss the services available through the Agency with Choice program, including Support Service Workers and Vendor Services.

Support Service Worker services include:

  • Habilitation
  • Companion
  • Respite
  • Homemaker and chore
  • Supported employment
  • Support Broker

Vendor Services:

  • Transportation
  • Specialized Supplies
  • Camps
  • Home Modifications
  • Vehicle Adaptations
  • Assistive Technology
  • Educational Support Services

Why Choose ANR as Your Fiscal Agent?

ANR is the employer of record and fiscal agent. This means that you or your surrogate are responsible for managing the staff in your home, and ANR is responsible for handling the employment-related paperwork, finances, payroll, billing and reports.  By selecting ANR as your fiscal agent provider, we take on much of the burden and paperwork of an employer:

  • Management of payroll and employment – related taxes, withholding and check processing;
  • Payment of Worker’s Compensation premiums;
  • Assistance with orientation and training of workers;
  • Payments for services provided by qualified vendors

We will also provide you with a monthly budget report, so you know what you are spending and how you are spending it. Our goal is to give you full choice and control over the services you receive. To be eligible for this program, you must receive services through the Consolidated Waiver or the P/FDS Waiver.

To learn more about the services available or how you can enroll, contact your Supports Coordinator.  You may also contact us at (724)431-3696 for additional information.


Agency with Choice is available in the following Counties:

  • Armstrong
  • Butler
  • Indiana


Staff Forms

Program forms for Managing Employers and SSWs are provided below.  Please click on the desired form:

AWC Waiver Payment request

FSS payment request